2021 Women in Forestry Webinar

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In celebration of Women’s Month, “She is Forestry“ – an association representing the interests of Women in the Forestry Sector – in partnership with the Forest Sector Charter Council, Forestry South Africa and the entire Forestry Sector invites you to the second Women in Forestry Webinar scheduled for 26th August 2021 at 10h00 to 15h00.

The webinar will include discussions on:

  • An Industry For All – a discussion with three female timber growers in different scale operations – Sponsored by Merensky
  • Sustainable forestry – a briefing on the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of forestry – Sponsored by Sappi
  • Forestry entrepreneurialism – a highlight of the positive impact of entrepreneur-based projects on rural communities
  • Investing in the future – A presentation on Forest21 and how this will positively impact future generations of forestry students – Sponsored by Sawmilling SA
  • Forestry: A sector driven by innovation – intended to discuss the innovations happening along the forestry value chain – Sponsored by SAWPA
  • Beating Burnout – a short motivational talk focusing on what it is, and why women are more at risk – Sponsored by SAFCOL