Embracing the Shared Value Creation mindset

The Forestry Industry has embraced the “Shared Value Creation” mindset, which focuses all members of FSA on generating profits that create broad societal benefits, while at the same time nurturing the environment. The Industry has re-engineered its markets, products and the entire value chain to benefit local economic development by creating new businesses owned and managed by previously disadvantaged individuals and communities. This focus on sustainable development and Broad-Base Black Economic Empowerment has elevated the Forestry Industry into becoming one of the major catalysts for and thus contributor to rural socio-economic development in the country.

Key objectives

The Industry’s holistic approach to transformation is guided by the following pillars which also constitute part of the Industry’s undertakings that are constantly monitored and evaluated by the Forest Sector Charter Council (FSCC):

  • Sustainable and Equitable Codes of Conduct for the Forest Sector
  • Access to funds and financial services for emerging black entrepreneurs
  • Capacity building and business support for emerging black entrepreneurs
  • Integrated Forest Sector development in provincial and municipal planning
  • Transport infrastructure development in support of forestry
  • Strengthening representative Industry structures
  • Strengthening collaboration between representative Industry structures

2021 CSI Narrative

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FSA CSI Infographic 2021 - Final-01