SAPPI’s Super Six


Plus Trees

Species: Pinus elliotii
Common name: Slash Pine
Age: 34 years old

A nod back to the days before seed orchards, ‘Plus Trees’ were prime examples of their species that were left standing once the compartment was harvested to distribute their seed. The natural regeneration was then spaced out to the required stems per hectare density.

Elaborate entrances

Species: Eucalyptus fastigata
Common name: Brown Barrel
Age: Approximately 40 years old

This avenue of trees has become a tourist attraction for those going to the nearby Mount Sheba Resort, with many stopping to get a photo amidst the trees. Tree avenues like these were originally planted to provide attractive entrances to farms but have become natural landmarks as the trees have grown bigger and more impressive. 

049 Monta Hills general view D4b.1 avenue 12 jan 2021
Euc microcorys Montigny

Tallowwood Giants

Eucalyptus microcorys
Common name: Tallowwood
Age: 88 years old

Tallowwoods are not commonly planted, making this small stand somewhat of a rarity. The trees are now approximately 70 years old and around 65 metres tall making this stand a local landmark.

The Gully Gum

Species: Eucalyptus smithii
Common name: Gully gum
Age: Approximately 70 years old

One of the grandest Eucalyptus specimens in the country, the Gully gum serves as a local landmark marking the entrance of a village. Its age, statue and gnarled beauty ensures it stands out from the trees in surrounding compartments.

022 Taurus village old tree
Big tree Hbh and DE PH

Sappi’s Big Tree

Cussonia spicata var triptera
Common name: Forest Cabbage Tree
Age: Approximately 300-400 years old

A colossal specimen is now probably far bigger than the 27.25 metres its label suggests. This Cabbage Tree is a beautiful specimen and certainly stands out from its indigenous neighbours.

Interconnected Nature – a deadly connection

Species: Cussonia spicata var triptera and Ficus craterostoma
Common name: Forest Cabbage Tree and Forest Fig
Age: In excess of 200 years old

In a world where we are becoming increasingly disconnected with nature, these two magnificent specimens show how interconnected nature is. Without the support provided by the Forest Cabbage Tree the Forest Fig would not be able to rise above the forest floor, but this helping hand will cost the Cabbage Tree dearly as it will eventually die as the fig entwines around it.

Note: The Plus Tree and Tallowwood Giants are owned by Montigny in eSwatini