Forestry South Africa

Corporate Social Investment

The South African Forestry Industry’s commitment to social investment is not new, there are initiatives by Forestry South Africa’s (FSA) members that have been on-going for over two decades. Over the years we have seen the Corporate Social Investment (CSI) made by the sector evolve from being charity based – giving when you have a little extra – to becoming intentional efforts to create value and sustainability for broader communities in the rural areas where our plantations are situated. Many FSA members have actively re-engineered their markets, products and value chains to benefit local economic development by creating businesses owned and managed by locals. Traditionally, Forestry Sector CSI initiatives fall into eight core areas, however, this year in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and civil unrest, a ninth area, Disaster Response, has been added.

Although our CSI initiatives may not hold value in the joint industry’s profit and loss statement, to us and our neighbours, it is one of the most tangible and easily recognised brands of who we are – the socially-caring and environmentally-friendly Forestry Sector”. – Michael Peter, Executive Director, Forestry South Africa

To download the 2021 CSI Narrative in full – Click here.

To download the 2021 CSI Narrative infographic – Click here.