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Forestry Industry: Addressing COVID-19

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We can only combat the COVID-19 as a collective, this requires all South Africans to act responsibly. Government through its various implementing agencies has provided a number of resources to inform citizens on the virus and assist them during this unprecedented threat.

Forestry South Africa along with our members and partners have developed relevant information to assist all members and their employees.

  • Cancellation of all international flights for staff, customers and suppliers;
  • Local travel is discouraged (will review on a periodic basis)
  • Establishment of Covid 19 task teams
  • Invest in preventative measures like awareness raising and hygiene campaigns, increased provision of hygiene and sanitation products like hand sanitisers, masks and gloves, limiting the use of breathalysers and biometric scanners and providing counselling for affected staff
  • Limiting the number of face to face engagements
  • Consider increasing capacity at Industry-funded clinics
  • If possible, invest in detection and control measures like body temperature scanners at major sites and quarantine protocols and facilities for infected people
  • Remote work for those whose jobs allow for it
  • Encouraged employees to have flu vaccines to separate flu symptoms to those of corona virus
  • Reviewed effectiveness of mitigating measures on a regular basis.

Please find below, information on the National #COVID19 WhatsApp support for South Africans, a circular from the Department of Employment and Labour and a notice from the CCMA. As well as, links to infographics in six languages developed by AgriSA from the information provided by the World Health Organisation. The infographics have been designed for workplace distribution in order to improve awareness on the hygiene steps that can be taken to minimise the spread of COVID-19 and contribute to healthier workplaces.

We encourage all FSA members to distribution of this information.

National #COVID19 WhatsApp

National Helpline – 0800 029 999