July/August newsletter – Women’s Month Campaign

Following on from the success of last year’s Woman’s Month campaign, ‘The Female Face of Forestry’ where 27 successful women who have carved out forestry careers and have a collective 329 years of experience in the industry were showcased on the FSA website, FSA is excited to announce the launch of this year’s campaign, Women of Forestry.

The Women of Forestry campaign promotes a true vision of 21st-century forestry, where silvicultural and technological advancements have helped break down gender barriers with women now equally well-equipped to take on the physical nature of forestry. Forestry is a Sector where successful women have come to the fore in every role, from machine operator to chief financial officer and CEO of multinational companies.

This is the vision of forestry we need to promote, one where men and women can run operations, operate heavy machinery, own forestry businesses and conduct the research that is helping foresters to evolve and expand. Only by dispelling the myth that ‘forestry is male-only’ will forestry attract the brightest, most dedicated and passionate staff, irrespective of gender.

Be part of the Women of Forestry campaign

This year we want to showcase many more incredible women working within the sector – here is where we need your help!

Every day during Woman’s month we want to promote a new Woman in Forestry profile on our website and Instagram platform, to do this we need women working in the industry to submit:

A short 30 second – 1-minute video clip explaining:

  • Who they are
  • What they do in the sector and who they work for
  • Their greatest work-based accomplishments
  • Future aspirations within the sector

Alongside this, we are asking for a short biography (500 words max) which includes:

  • A bit more about your job role
  • Why you love working in the forestry sector
  • Any advice you would give women looking at a career in forestry

We also need a recent photograph (1MB – a midshot [head and torso])

Please send your photo and biography to katylouise.johnson@gmail.com and WeTransfer the video (see details below) to the same email address.

This campaign will be open to entries for the entirety of Women’s Month, closing on the 31 August 2020.

NB: Please get permission from your respective company before submitting your video or biography.

Filming your short clip:

  • Please make sure your clip is filmed in landscape (holding your phone sideways)
  • Please use the back camera as this is often better quality
  • Please frame the shot so we see head and torso (mid-shot) see example below
  • Please do not have an overly busy background
  • 30 seconds to 1-minute is incredibly short, practice what you want to say but please do not read it off a piece of paper
  • Look directly into the camera lens on the back of your phone.

Using WeTransfer to send your clip

  • wetransfer.com
  • If you get the option to use for free or buy a WeTransfer package, click the box sign up for free use, if not, go-to bullet point four.
  • A white box with sign up details comes up, click the cross in the top left corner
  • You should get a small white box on the left of the screen with a blue circle for adding files – click the circle and add your video clip
  • Add katylouise.johnson@gmail.com as the person you want to send the clip to and your email address in the ‘from’ space
  • In the message please put your name in full, as you want to see appear on the clip, as well as the company you work for.

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