Khosi 2

Khosi Mavimbela

Forestry Sector Charter Council

Executive Director


  • MSc Environmental Resource Management

Forestry career: 10 years

The Forest Sector Charter Council (FSCC) is a B-BBEE charter mandated to facilitate, monitor and report on transformation within the South African forestry sector. Key activities within the organisation include research, policy formation, outreach and stakeholder management.

As an Executive Director, my duties are centred around management of each of the aforementioned portfolios while working at a governance and strategy level. I interact a lot with industry and government officials as a mediator and advisor drawing from the organisation’s research capacity and institutional knowledge.

I believe at its core, my job as an executive in this organisation is to manage relationships between all stakeholders in the sector in way that leads to increased economic growth and improved & meaningful participation of previously marginalised groups in the sector. This is done by advising government, industry and communities in a way that unlocks ideas and ignites passion and commitment to transformation.

My role requires that I possess high levels of diplomacy, intimate understanding and knowledge of industry operations as well as challenges and opportunities present in the sector. I need to be someone who has a deep passion for black empowerment, equality and community development while behaving in a manner that shows integrity and fairness.


I love working in the forestry industry because I have passion for natural resource management. I believe a key aspect of natural resource management is the human and social capital aspect as it is humans who are ultimately responsible for sustainable or unsustainable use of our resources.

I particularly enjoy the field visits where you are able to experience first-hand what forestry operations entail while seeing beautiful parts of South Africa’s natural capital. This is also am interesting field as it is rural based and rural development is a passion of mine.


If you wish to explore a career in forestry, you need to be comfortable with working in rural and remote areas and you need to be comfortable with being in the field. Furthermore, I believe a scientific background may come in handy.

The forestry industry not only needs people with technical skills but requires people who can reinforce the institutions that govern ethically, conduct research & development and use technology so that industry to tackle challenges of low recovery rate of timber, declining timber resource and more.

As a woman entering this world, you need to be strong-willed and grounded in your beliefs.

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